Tagaytay Prime Residences - AMENITIES

1. Guardhouse - Tagaytay Prime Residences accommodates a guardhouse for the safety of the residents as well as the property. The guard house is occupied by the well-trained security professionals who are present at the property for the sole purpose of guarding the property.

2. Clubhouse - A giant sized club house is present in the property for being used by the members of Tagaytay Prime Residences for any and every property related discussions and gatherings.

3. Perimeter Wall - Tagaytay Prime Residences is well protected on the boundaries by a firm and concrete perimeter fencing. The fencing keeps the property protected and safe by the approach of thieves and robbers.

4. Swimming Pool - A huge sized swimming pool for the usage of the occupants of Tagaytay Prime Residences is one of the major luxurious attractions of the luxuriant property. One can have relaxed swim sessions in the summer days and nights such that the body is relaxed and so is the mind.

5. Picnic Area - One always looks for picnic spots to plan a family get-together. Tagaytay Prime offers a beautiful picnic area for the usage of the residents. Therefore, while residing at Tagaytay Prime Residences you will never have to head to distant places for your larger than life picnic gatherings.

6. Playground For Children - Playing is a very important aspect of life which just doesn't increase the fitness of the body but also de-stresses the mind of a child. At Tagaytay Prime Residences you can find a giant playing area for the kids for their regular playing sessions. The kids can indulge in playing with their friends and siblings as and when they desire in the secure environment of Tagaytay Prime.

7. Basketball Court - Fitness comes first for us all these days but we hate to hit the gym and use the same old methods of working out. Tagaytay Prime Residences accommodated a giant basketball court which stays to be a treat for the youth as well as the sports lovers of the property. One can even have their kids practice the famous sport since their very childhood such that the kid excels in the game.

8. Pocket Parks Along With Gardens - Lush green pocket parks along with gardens are also one of the beautiful attractions of Tagaytay Prime Residences which gives the residents the luxury of staying in a pleasant surrounding along with nature offerings at its best. These are such attractive features that are going to make your friends and relatives envy of your new residing address.

9. Drainage System - A good drainage system keeps a residing property a healthy place to stay. Also, a good drainage system will have the property free from regular hassles of water drainage problems. We all like to stay in a place free of unnecessary problems and healthy surroundings. Tagaytay Prime Residences has a perfect drainage system incorporated.

10. 24x7 Security - A secure home is the best home for any family worldwide. Tagaytay Prime Residences offers the best of trained guards as well as concrete and strong fencing to keep the property protected and to impart the residents a secure lifestyle.

  • Guard House
  • Perimeter Wall
  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool
  • Picnic Areas
  • Children's Playground
  • Basketball Court
  • Pocket Parks with Garden
  • 24/7 Security
  • Drainage System
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